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Museums and Human Rights Education of Young People

How the museums contribute to human rights and democracy education of young people? Partners Bulgaria Foundation will work with schools […]

TReP – Professional Training in Restorative Practices

TReP – Professional Training in Restorative Practices TReP – online training in Restorative Practice is a project implemented by an […]

Standards for Mediators Training

Increasing capacity of training organization through development of Standards for Mediators Training  is a new project of Partners Bulgaria aiming […]

National Study on Domestic and Gender Based Violence

The Analytical Report of the National Study on Domestic and Gender based violence (2016) presents national data on this problem. […]

EU Global Strategy and the Challenges of Conflict Prevention

Is the EU well-equipped to meet the challenge of conflict prevention? How the next EU Multiannual Finacial Framework can help […]

Between Facts and Fake: Building Resilience to Misinformation

This international workshop, that took place in Sofia 28-29 May 2018  brought together academics and civil  society organisations to talk […]

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Our Approach

Solution Focus

Our solutions-focused approach to social change helps people create a vision of their desired future. This process involves key players […]

Conflict Prevention

Creating space for dialogue, consensus building, mediation and cooperative planning is essential for positive change. In order to be sustainable, […]

Empowering People

We promote human rights and the important principles of dignity, fairness, respect and equality.  We give specific attention to the […]

Promote Knowledge and Understanding

We conduct research, map good practices and search for innovative models, locally and globally. We promote this knowledge to improve […]

People Friendly Policies

Our studies and assessments, usually conducted in consultation with people involved, aim to develop and harness knowledge and expertise to […]