Daniela Kolarova, PhD, Director

 Daniela Kolarova is the founder and Director of Partners Bulgaria Foundation since 1998. She has a MS in Psychology and PhD in Sociology. Between 1990-2008 she was a lecturer in social psychology at Sofia University “St.Kl.Ohridski”. She is certified mediator and trainer in mediation from the National Conflict Resolution Center, San Diego, California /2003/. From 2006 to 2014 Dr. Kolarova served as president and director of the network Partners for Democratic Change International in Brussels. Between 2000-2010 she represented Bulgaria in the Council of Europe’s program “Education in Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education” – EDC/HRE.

Dr. Kolarova is responsible for the strategic development of PBF programs in the areas of alternative dispute resolution, conflicts mediation, civic education and human rights, inter-ethnic cooperation, promotion of child rights and development of policies and procedures for child protection and support of marginalized groups. She is active in promoting mediation and civic participation abroad and led initiatives in Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Moldova where she contributed to developing cadres of facilitators and mediators.


Rumen Minkovski, Deputy Director

Rumen Minkovski has a MS in psychology from Sofia University St.Kl.Ohridski and teaches organizational psychology at the Department of Tourism at the same university. He works at Partners Bulgaria Foundation since its establishment. Rumen takes part in projects in the field of mediation, interethnic interaction, child protection and youth participation. He led a Leadership Institute for ethnic minority leaders and was responsible for its academic program and training schedule. Recently he is focused on the socio-psychological consequences of migration and the situation of children left behind by parents working abroad.

Rumen works as a researcher, consultant, trainer, evaluator and project manager. He is certified mediator and trainer in mediation from the National Conflict Resolution Center, San Diego, California /2004/.  He acts as the PBF’s chief trainer, develops and conducts various training programs and courses.


Aneta Kalcheva, Facilitator and Project Coordinator

Aneta majored in Psychology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She studied Cognitive Science at the New Bulgarian University. Her Master’s degree is in Artistic Psycho-Social Practices including psychodrama, role theory, group dynamics and art therapy. She has been providing consultations to children and families.

Aneta has extensive experience in profiling, counselling and psychological diagnostic. She is an experienced trainer and group facilitator. She works as a facilitator and project coordinator. She is involved in projects related to child participation and supporting student councils at the school, municipal and regional levels. She is responsible for organizing and conducting seminars with children and adults, designing educational materials and coordinating the work of student councils.


Valya Stankova, lawyer, mediation trainer

Valya Stankova has a law degree from Kyiv University “T. G. Shevchenko”, specialty “public international law”. She has qualification acquired at the Institute of Social Management, Sofia, majoring in “Organization and Management of Cultural Activities”. Since 2009, she has been working as a lawyer, with interests in the field of intellectual property. She is registered in the Register of Industrial Property Representatives at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. Appears as a procedural representative in civil, administrative, as well as criminal cases related to intellectual property. She has been a certified mediator since 2004, with interests in the legislative field. Participant in the drafting and adoption of the Mediation Law, as well as the subsequent by-laws necessary for its enforcement. Her focus on legislative changes is related to the development of legal norms, giving more possibilities for the application of mediation in various types of disputes, as well as control over the activity of mediators.

Valya Stankova works as a mediator and trainer in certification trainings in mediation at the Partners Bulgaria  Foundation and has 19 years of experience in these fields. She is a co-author of the manual “Standards for the training of mediators” and co-authored the “Mediator’s Book”, Sofia, 2020, published by Partners Bulgaria. She is a co-founder of the National Association of Mediators in Bulgaria, a long-time deputy chairman of the association, currently a member of the association.