Conflict Management among High School Students is a Toolkit that consists of lesson plans prepared for teachers and other professionals working with youth. The Toolkit is organised around five chapters which introduce students to conflict dynamic, conflict resolution styles, emotions and conflict situations and conflict management methodology. The last part of lesson plans is devoted to peer mediation. It  prepares students to mediate disputes between their peers when direct agreement and conciliation is not possible.

The Conflict Resolution School Trilogy of Partners Bulgaria Foundation offers a consistent approach to introducing children from primary, secondary and upper school age into the art of positive communication and the effective resolution of disputes and conflicts that often appear among them. The Toolkits are designed for teachers, pedagogical counselors and psychologists, as well as for all who work with children and young people. Developed in engaging interactive lessons, designed for class and extracurricular activities, the program is a valuable resource for schools, children’s and youth centers. The trilogy is published with the support of the International Women’s Club – Sofia.

Price: 10lv