Partners Bulgaria’s Manual Use of Physical Intervention to Protect Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties has been developed to assist the work of physical intervention instructors and to outline the main principles for delivery of physical intervention training seminars. It puts the focus not only on how to deliver a physical intervention training, but also what the essence of the intervention is, who the target group is, who can apply the method and under what circumstances.

Physical intervention is used in a safe and restrictive manner when child is at risk /fighting, attacking, biting, kicking, self-harming etc./ and adults have to physically react in order to protect the child and others around him or her from harm. It is applied when verbal interventions do not change child’s behaviour.

The main focus of the Manual is on the organisational and pedagogical aspects of the training. In addition, the technical elements of physical interventions are presented and associated to various situations. The Manual would be of interest to those who deliver training seminars and look for the answer to the questions:
− How to prepare the training agenda?
− What should be taken into consideration in the process of preparing and delivering physical intervention training?
− What should be my approach and how should I transmit my knowledge and skills?

This Manual is the first published guide on physical intervention in the country. As such, it poses a lot of questions which have not been widely covered, but have been of interest to professionals working with children who often demonstrate aggressive behaviour.

Price: 15lv