The Swedish authors and peadagogists, Kerstin Måhlberg and Maud Sjöblom, have transferred fundamental ideas from the field of solution focused psychotherapy into pedagogy. They provide guidance how every professional working with children can use them into their daily practice. The solution focused method is based on three elements: cooperation with students’ parents; motivation and appraisal of each success and every effort; better working environment through teamwork and mutual support.

The main difference from the traditional pedagogical approach is the innovative attitude towards challenges and difficulties faced by students. The method does not dwell into the causes but rather focuses on the solutions and draws a plan to reach a desired outcome.

The main goal of this method is to support the child to reach the right solution of the problem on its own. The child is an active side in the situation and works together with its parents, teachers, friends and peers. Throughout the entire process this solution focused pedagogue demonstrates respect to the child’s personality and acknowledges its progress and success.

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