Registered in 1998 under Bulgarian law, Partners Bulgaria Foundation (PBF) is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation (NGO).

The mission of the PBF is to assist in the development of democratic processes and a sustainable civil space by disseminating methods and programs for education in human rights, peaceful conflict resolution, good governance and social inclusion; providing assistance to institutions, non-governmental organizations and specialists to improve policy and practice in the fields of justice, social care, child protection, education, economic development and environmental protection. The organization works to strengthen dialogue between civil society, government and the business sector and to promote the participation of women, youth and vulnerable and marginalized groups and communities in decision-making processes.

The objectives of the PBF are:

  • To assist in the formation and strengthening of civil society in Bulgaria;
  • To assist in the development of a culture for the peaceful resolution of conflicts in all spheres of public life;
  • To assist in the promotion of human rights and especially the rights of children and young people, as well as the rights of women and groups and communities in a disadvantaged social situation;
  • To assist in the formation of a democratic approach to decision-making at various levels and spheres of public life.

The organization works to achieve its goals through the following activities:

  • Research, analysis, evaluation and recommendations for policy change regarding the status of socially marginalized groups (including ethnic minorities, unaccompanied minors, children and youth at risk, juvenile offenders, etc.).
  • Training and capacity development of organizations, professional groups and communities.
  • Organization of conferences, round tables and other forums; Development of partnership and cooperation with related organizations in Bulgaria, in Europe and in other countries; Mediation or mediation services to assist individuals, groups and organizations in resolving disputes and conflicts.
  • Advisory services related to helping youth and children at risk and their families.
  • Cooperative planning, facilitation of meetings and public discussions, and decision-making processes. The organization supports the creation of initiatives to solve problems of local importance.
  • Public campaigns to draw public attention to human rights issues.
  • Publishing and others.

Partners Bulgaria Foundation is supported by foreign and local organisations and government agencies: the United States Agency for International Development, OAK Foundation, The King Baudouin Foundation, Tulip Foundation, Save the Children Fund, Open Society Institute, the European Commission, the Norwegian Finacial Mechanism, the Bulgarian government, International Womens’ Clib – Sofia and many others.

Partners Bulgaria Foundation is a part of the international organisation PartnersNetwork, former Partners for Democratic Change International /PDCI/. The main focus of Partners’ work is promoting peaceful conflict resolution, good governance and social inclusion.

The PartnersNetwork includes centres in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Jordan, Yemen, Peru, Senegal, Nigeria, Livan and the United States of America. The centres conduct research, training and consultations, introduce programs for development and promotion of peace in more than 60 countries around the world.


The PartnersNetwork Centers focus on promoting and supporting civil society, interethnic relations, network building, anti-corruption reform, family mediation and youth and women’s leadership in their home countries.


Partners Bulgaria participates in other international and regional networks to collectively promote the values for multi-sectoral partnerships, strong civil society, accountable governance, and conflict sensitive development.

Partners Bulgaria is a member of the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office in Brussels – EPLO, a network of European Peacebuilding organisations working to promote conflict prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts.


Partners Bulgaria is also a founder and member of DARE  – Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe Network. DARE unites European organisations working in citizenship and human rights education.



Partners Bulgaria has a certificate Reg. № BG-5357-Q/31.03.2023 showing that the management system of Partners Bulgaria Foundation
is evaluated and approved for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
Certification scope: Conducting training to increase the qualification of pedagogical specialists, research activity, mediations, mediation in disputes, publishing activity. Project management in the field of education
Work sites:
2a, Yakubitsa Str.
1164 Sofia, Bulgaria