This publication of  DARE – Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe Network is a  textbook/toolkit on Populism, Post-factualism and Radicalisation and its relation to EDC work with young people.

Editors: Ramon Martinez, Georg Pirker

Contributors: Danilo Vicca, Dr. Rebecca Welge/Dr. Saskia Ruth-Lovell/Robert Lovell, Amanda Warner, Calin Rus, Despina Karakatsani, Ilze Tralmaka, Nils-Eyk Zimmermann, Dimitris N. Chryssochoou, Daniela Kolarova, Alex Klobouk, Margot Kapfer/ Susanne Reitmair-Juárez, Zuzana Schreiberová, Tõnis Saarts, Sulev Valdmaa, Tim Scholz/Georg Pirker/Ina Bielenberg, Despina Karakatsani/Dora Katsamori, Martina Camatta/Elisa Rapetti, Danilo Vicca/ Anna Paola Tantucci/Viviana da Paola, Iveta Verse, Marit Langmyr/Evgenia Khoroltseva/Lillian Hjorth, Lavinia Visan/Oana Bajka, Edurne Grau/Ramon Martinez, Tanveer Parnez

The 150-pager contains the experience of the two years lasting E+ supported prohject STEPS, provides in 14 case reports ample policy analysis on the consequences of Right-wing populism, Post-truth and Radicalisation for the field of youth policies in Europe, as well as reflects on the consequences of these developments in the pedagogical and educational practice  EDC/HRE in Youth work. A series of policy recommendations puts the developments into a wider frame of global developments and policies that relate closely to the raise of autoritarian rule and illiberal movements. A  section of expert texts invites voices from youth educational practice and educational / youth research to reflect on the development of democratic resilience, last but not least several educational  concepts and approaches are being introduced and reflected.

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