Climate Lessons have been developed to engage young people in promoting change in youth’s environmental behavior. The Manual was a key product of  the EU-funded project Make the Link – Climate exChange which Partners Bulgaria implemented in European partnership with Plan UK, Plan Netherlands, and Citizenship Foundation, UK.

The Manual consists of a set of seven modules, each of which contains exercises that teachers can adapt and include in their lesson plan as appropriate to the age group and the subject taught at school. The interactive exercises can be used in different areas of formal and non-formal education in and out of school.

The theme of climate change is presented in an international perspective and encourages students to explore their ideas and develop skills to meet the current challenges. The methods used are based on the active learning and participation of students, focusing on their active involvement in the learning process.

The materials are designed for students aged 11-19. They are useful for teachers and class mentors in various subjects and can be applied as an extracurricular activities on subjects such as ecology, climate, climate change, civic education and child rights and child participation.