This mapping study is a product of the European Network for Non-Violence and Dialogue (ENND), which intends to seek non-violent approaches to current value-based conflicts. It helps collecting and sharing of the information that diverse CSOs have learned about third-party interventions and of process-based tools for public debate in seven different countries: Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany. It aims to create a functional network that will become a counterbalance to the diverging direction of Central and Eastern Europe from the ideals and values that frame the project of a united Europe and a network of civil society organisations and individuals active in intervening in value-based conflicts and de-radicalisation with the purpose of learning from one another, collecting tested conflict intervention approaches, supporting one another’s interventions and organising public campaigns promoting common goals and values.

Partners Bulgaria contributed to the mapping study by writing the chapter about value-based conflicts in Bulgaria.

Project partners:

Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia

Cultures Interactive – Germany

Partners Bulgaria Foundation

Partners Hungary Alapitvany

Fundacja Partners Polska

NESEHNUTI – Czech Republic

PATRIR – Romania

Authors of country chapters are:

Bulgaria: Daniela Kolarova, PhD

Czech Republic: Tatiana Dumbrava, Mariana Zbořilova, Michaela Stejskalova

Germany: Tina Heise, Oliver Kossack, Anika Posselius

Hungary: Julia Vida, Janos Wagner, Jozsef Rostas

Poland: Marcin Ślarzyński, Maciej Tański

Romania: Anda Totoreanu

Slovakia: Zuza Fialova

Researchers and contributors: Elmira Nesheva, Eva Viorela Sfarlea, Andrei Trubceac, Janek Lassau, Katarina Bajzikova, Lukaš Zorad, Juraj Havlik, Jiři Chovaneček, Johana Kollarova, Alžbeta Micsinaiova, Erik Laštic – Department of Political Science, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University Bratislava, Bartek Pytlas – Geschwister-Scholl-Institut fur Politikwissenschaft, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Boris Strečansky – Center for Philanthropy, Bratislava

Study coordinator: Katarina Bajzikova

Graphic design & layout: Zuzana Čičelova

Publisher: Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia, 2018

isbn 978-80-89563-46-3