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Artificial Intelligence at School: the Pioneering Experience

The conference on “Digital skills for the future” was organized by the “Partners – Bulgaria” foundation on 4-12-2023 in Samokov. […]

Engaging Youth in Countering Disinformation

Partners Bulgaria Foundation, together with its partners – PartnersGlobal, USA, and 4 municipalities in Northwest and Southwest Bulgaria  – has […]

Twenty years DARE network

The General Assembly 2023 of DARE network in Italy was dedicated to the 20th anniversary.   Twenty years ago, Europe […]

Museums under Pressure: FIHRM, Oslo 2022

Partners Bulgaria Foundation participated in the FIHRM annual conference

Human Rights Education

Partners Bulgaria Foundation is developing and promoting innovative programs on human rights education.

Digit4Future partners meeting

Partners meeting took place in Sofia on 10-11 May 2022 to advance the implemen- tation of the Digit4Future project in […]

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Our Approach

Solution Focus

Our solutions-focused approach to social change helps people create a vision of their desired future. This process involves key players […]

Conflict Prevention

Creating space for dialogue, consensus building, mediation and cooperative planning is essential for positive change. In order to be sustainable, […]

Empowering People

We promote human rights and the important principles of dignity, fairness, respect and equality.  We give specific attention to the […]

Promote Knowledge and Understanding

We conduct research, map good practices and search for innovative models, locally and globally. We promote this knowledge to improve […]

People Friendly Policies

Our studies and assessments, usually conducted in consultation with people involved, aim to develop and harness knowledge and expertise to […]

MEET – More Equal Europe Together: Civil Society against Discrimination, Hate Spееch and Islamophobia

Partners Bulgaria School Mediation Training

ASAP – Against School Aggression Partnership