Training of professional mediators

Partners Bulgaria Foundation offers a professional mediators training program, in line with the standards of training approved by the Ministry of Justice. The organization is one of the pioneers of mediation in Bulgaria and has been licensed as a mediator training centre by the Ministry of Justice since 2007.

Successful completion of the training course and passing an exam allows participants to enrol in the Register of Mediators at the Ministry of Justice.

The main purpose of the mediation training program is to develop knowledge and practical conflict mediation skills.

What do you need to complete the training?

For the successful completion of the training and obtaining a certificate, it is necessary to pass the exam, which includes theoretical and practical part.

What knowledge and skills will you acquire?

  • Knowledge and skills to mediate between conflicting parties while leading a successful mediation procedure.
  • Basic communication skills and mediation techniques;
  • Negotiating;
  • Coping with problem behaviour of participants in conflicts and during mediation;
  • Becoming knowledgeable about the foundation of mediator’s professional behaviour: process management, techniques for effective communication and case management, ethical standards;
  • Drafting an agreement between the parties.

Prospective participants

Professionals, entrepreneurs and company managers, human resource managers, public relations specialists, marketing, banking and insurance experts, teachers, journalists, legal counsellors, lawyers, social workers, psychologists, consultants, economists, office managers, and anyone else wishing to gain a solid qualification related to human relationships and conflict management.

Methodology. The training consists of 60 hours, after which the participants can take the exam. The training includes theory, exercises and role-plays to practice mediation skills. The program is built in a six-day program of 10 units.

The exam is conducted in two parts: a theoretical test and a practical session, consisting of a mediation session within 60-75 minutes. The session is monitored and evaluated by experts.

The trainers in charge of the course are experienced professional mediators. A brief bio about them can be seen here.

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