Partners Bulgaria Foundation is developing and promoting innovative programs on human rights education.


They are designed for children, young people and adult learners. The organisation is working with teachers, museum workers and youth facilitators, providing training materials and innovative programs. The programs contan variety of methods, including digital technology, social media, video labs, museum exhibits.

The materials are developed with an interactive methodology and various methods of active participation, suitable for the life experience of young people. These methods rely on active committment in learning, practical activties and in-depth research. A special place is given to the role of museums in educating young people on human rights. Trainings such as video lab and dialogues about rights are conducted.

The main educational program has a content developed in 11 modules, which introduce young people to the full range of human rights, help them identify existing problems and seek solutions. The modules provide knowledge, raise awareness of human rights principles and build the competence of young people to take the initiative to respect, protect and promote the rights of all. The content is the result of a partnership between the teams of the Partners Bulgaria Foundation and the Academy of Human Rights, Norway. A special site has been created to provide resources to interested teachers and facilitators:

The site was developed with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund, Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.