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In 1998 Partners-Bulgaria Foundation developed a mediation programme that is unique in Bulgaria. This programme is designed to introduce and develop a culture of dialogue in the settlement of disputes and to propose various mediation procedures which are appropriate for different situations..

Developing Family Mediation Services

The project is a continuation of the mediation program which PBF has been realising since its establishment in 1998. It has received the financial support of Open Society Foundation through its COLPI program.

Developing and implementing an academic course on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the faculties of law of Bulgarian universities.

Without denying or discarding the benefits of the judicial process, it must be noted that in many countries there is already a wide application with good results of alternative methods of dispute resolution. They are marked by greater efficiency, less formality during the procedure, confidentiality, a chance to pick your own expert mediator…

Establishing a system of prevention and alternative dispute resolution in places of detention

Places of detention have always been a central concern for our society, but unfortunately only when an incident occurs or a public figure gets imprisoned. Otherwise, prisons remain overshadowed by the multitude of other social problems that plague our country. Too rarely we ask ourselves what happens inside those places…

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