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National Study on Domestic and Gender-Based Violence (DGBV) and Elaboration of Victim Support Model (VSM)

The project is implemented in partnership with the Center for the Study of Democracy and the Human Rights Academy, Norway. The project aims to contribute to the prevention of domestic and gender-based violence and to improve the situation of the victims in Bulgaria, with a specific focus on Roma women and girls.

(Bulgarian) Засилване ролята на детските съвети и превръщането им в активен фактор за вземане на решения по въпросите на децата на общинско и областно равнище

(Bulgarian) Фондация „Партньори-България“ стартира проект „Засилване на ролята на детските съвети и превръщането им в активен фактор за вземане на решения по въпросите на децата на общинско и областно равнище“, който се финансира в рамките на Програмата за подкрепа на НПО в България по Финансовия механизъм на Европейското икономическо пространство 2009-2014 г.

Promoting Child Participation through Strengthening the Role of Student Councils at School, Municipal, Regional and National Level

In November 2012 PBF in partnership with UNICEF Bulgaria and the State Agency for Child Protections launched a new project for promoting child participation. The aim of the project is to support the Government’s vision for Bulgarian children to grow up healthy, educated, informed, socially active and responsible…

Belieforama – Religious diversity and anti-discrimination

The training programme Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination provides adult educators with a chance to work with participants who have different religious affiliation with a focus on transforming religious differences from an obstacle to an opportunity. The programme does not provide an interfaith dialogue but rather promotes anti-prejudice diversity education…

Make the Link − Climate exChange

PBF aims to encourage active citizenship on the issue of climate change as a driving force for achieving effective and sustainable results. The project involves students, teachers and the wider community throughout the country in order to raise awareness about the impact of environmental change…

Тraining seminar on “Reconciling Religion, Gender and Sexual Orientation”

A long term cooperation between a consortium of eight European organisations lead by the Brussels based CEJI completed its cycle of training modules, which reflected on the cultural and religious diversity of modern societies.

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