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For a Childhood without Violence

A main focus of PBF’s activities has been to prevent child abuse at home. Experts all over the world speak with increasing alarm about the rising number of cases of domestic child abuse. The psychological abuse is the most prevalent form of aggression parents exhibit towards their children.

Support for Young People Leaving Care

Since its inception, PBF’s efforts have been focused towards creating and implementing good practices, which aid the state policy on care homes for children and young people without parents. Since 2005, we work with homes across the country to provide educational, psychological and social aid to current and past graduates…

Together and Tomorrow – Children and Youth at Risk Prevention Program

The programme’s aim was to achieve positive change for children at risk in the cities of Kjustendil, Lom and Samokov by cooperating with local CSOs and professionals. We succeeded in establishing new social work models emphasizing prevention to aid children and families at risk.

Social Inclusion through Music

Developed by PBF, the project was implemented in cooperation with the Municipality of Dupnitsa, Partners-Dupnitsa Association and the Committee for Combating Juvenile Delinquency. The core idea is to work for social inclusion and correction of risk behaviour through developing children’s musical skills and talent and stimulating creative expression.

Safe Internet


По поръчка на фондация “Партньори-България” през 2005 г. НЦИОМ проведе изследване за рисковете при общуване в интернет сред 800 ученици от горния курс в София и 4 областни града. Над 90% посочват, че ползват интернет всеки ден. Една трета признават, че през последната година…

Child Trafficking Response Program


Всяка година хиляди малолетни и непълнолетни деца от Югоизточна Европа стават жертвa на трафик и биват замесвани в различни форми на експлоатация, просия и джебчийство. България остава страна на произход и транзитна зона за трафик на хoра и в по-малка степен страна-местоназначение.

Youth Probation

In 2004, the Law initiative of Open Society Foundation – Sofia announced its support for the second phase of the project “Children in Conflict with the Law”, implemented by Partners Bulgaria Foundation and The Social Activities and Practices Institute Association. The two organizations focused their efforts towards creating…

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