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Registered in 1998 under Bulgarian law, Partners Bulgaria Foundation (PBF) is an independent, non-governmental organisation (NGO).

Partners Bulgaria Foundation has long years of experience in managing over 80 projects related to empowerment of citizens, promotion of their rights and improvement of specific public policies and practices. In its 20 years of history, PBF has successfully carried out projects related to training and capacity building of professionals working for and with ethnic minorities, children and youth. An example of such a community development initiative is the 7-year “Ethnic Integration and Conflict Resolution Program” supported by USAID and implemented in 13 cities between 2000 and 2007.  The program facilitated inter-sector cooperation, helped build the capacity of local communities and empowered Roma and other minorities to enhance their participation in community matters, develop various sustainable business and educational initiatives.

Partners Bulgaria Foundation had worked to improve the situation of various groups of vulnerable children, including Roma children, school drop outs, street children, children without parental care, children victims of violence and children left behind by parents working abroad.  Examples of such work are projects like “Education in Juvenile Justice and Development of Community-based Probation Centers”, “Child Trafficking Response Program”, “Safe Internet for Children”, “Development of Methodology to Support Young People with Challenging Behavior”,  and “Supporting Transnational Families Program”. All PBF programs follow a consistent methodology, starting with a needs assessment, addressing the needs and gaps by development of innovative models, piloting the models, training and capacity building, monitoring, evaluation and sustainability & follow up activities.

Throughout its history, PBF has been supported by foreign and local organizations, private and government donors, including the European Commission, USAID, British Embassy , US Embassy, Dutch Embassy, Bulgarian government, OAK Foundation, The King Baudouin Foundation, Tulip Foundation, Save the Children UK, Save the Children Sweden, Save the Children Norway, Open Society Institute and others.  The organization operates in public benefit and has its annual reports and audit published in the register of the Ministry of Justice.

Partners Bulgaria Foundation has participated in various educational projects including as a member of different European consortia.  The organization has been developing training programs and manuals for teachers and students as well for adult learners in the area of informal education.  Examples of work that supports school education is PBF’s training program in child rights, human rights and democratic citizenship. This program has been disseminated in more than 100 schools in Bulgaria engaging students and teachers in interactive learning and providing handbooks and other learning materials.

In 2012 PBF with the support of UNICEF Bulgaria started the implementation of a long-term program to promote child participation through student councils at school and municipality level. The organization provides learning courses for young people to develop their skills and competences to act as citizens and decision makers in relation to issues that matter to them. PBF has equally long experience in the area of informal education and is known for its community engagement and community learning. In 2013-2014 PBF introduced a program for human rights and democratic citizenship education in schools in Turkey with the support of the European Commission and the Ministry of Education of Turkey.  Between 2010 and 2013 PBF was part of an international consortium implementing an EU funded program “Make the Link – Climate Exchange” led by Plan UK and with participation of other EU countries and 3 African states. Through this program PBF worked in 35 schools in Bulgaria to promote climate change education and disseminate lessons that help raise awareness about the social consequences of climate change.

PBF has trained thousands of key stakeholders and informal community leaders to build their capacities to work together and manage various social, educational and economic issues. The PBF Leadership Institute provided a comprehensive 1-year long, ten-module training program for ethnic minority leaders, which stimulated their personal development and built their skills to work for their communities. PBF team trained hundreds of community mediators who were equipped with knowledge and skills to facilitate dispute resolution in their communities. The Ministry of Justice listed the PBF as one of the licenses institutions that provides quality mediation training including mentoring of new mediators and guiding their personal development.

PBF was part of EU funded consortium led by CEJI, Belgium, working on religious diversity and anti-discrimination training program. The program had 3 consequent projects and received a golden award by the EU for its teaching materials, training excellence and developing a community of practice in Europe.

In addition, PBF has developed widely recognized training program for practitioners enabling them to supporting children and adults with challenging behavior. All courses of PBF include assessment of skills and guiding the adult learners through their skills improvement.

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