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Teaching Children Conflict Resolution Skills at School

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The International Women’s Club – Sofia, supports Partners Bulgaria Foundation project Teaching Children Conflict Resolution Skills at School. The alarming level of school violence and bullying has been reported by numerous sources in the recent years. The impact of school violence on child wellbeing is significant and it involves physical and psychological suffering and compromised learning. Little is done so far to decrease the scope of the problem and to build more resilient schools. The school curricula are lacking development of life skills related to relationship building, problem solving and conflict resolution. Partners Bulgaria offers a three-level conflict resolution education targeting primary, secondary and high school children. The aim of this project is to build school resilience to violence by increasing capacity of schools to educate children in problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

The proposed project aims at development of conflict resolution program that will equip teaching and non-teaching staff at schools with the necessary tools to educate kids how to resolve conflict in nonviolent ways. Three training manuals will be developed to respond to the needs and age specifics of primary, middle and high school children. Each training program will encompass multiple components to achieve this outcome, including problem-solving skills, effective communication and listening skills, critical and creative thinking skills, and other important life skills. Three training sessions with teachers of each level of school education will ensure knowledge transfer and sustainability. The sessions will include methodological module how to include the training activities into the existing curricula during a school year. A public event will be organized in the end of the project to promote the program and to disseminate the results to other schools, educational authorities and wider community.

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