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Conflicts and Tensions in Tribal Areas in Yemen


This report is part of the Tribal Mediation and Conflict Mitigation Program implemented in Yemen in 2011. The authors, Daniela Kolarova – director of Partners for Democratic Change International at the time; Jennifer Pedersen – program manager at PDCI at the time, and Nadwa Al-Dawsari – director of Partners Yemen at the time, collaborated to report on the development of the Community-Based Conflict Mitigation Program (Y-CCM), a project run by PDCI and Partners Yemen, and supported by the British Embassy and the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Yemen.

The project’s goal was to assist the Yemeni government including security actors, local authorities such as councils and tribal and community leaders, and community-based organizations in establishing sustainable structures for short and long-term interventions addressing conflict over land, natural resources, health services, education, and conflict between corporations and local communities in four governorates: Mareb, Al-Jawf, Shabwah and Al-Bayda.

Download the report here.

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