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Positive Approaches towards Primary Prevention of Child Abuse

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During the year 2012 PBF team elaborated its existing methodology to build capacity of professional actors working with children on how to better manage challenging behaviour in adolescence. The methodological approach consists of two basic modules – Positive Behaviour Support and Restricted Physical Intervention.

In line with that, Community support groups for parents of children with EBD were created in seven Bulgarian cities to assisst parents in everyday communication with their children and better provide through training, instruction and group discussions. During the whole year psychological support was provided to children and their families in two Support Centers managed by PBF.

PBF team has been investing efforts to address the specific needs of children with emotional and behavioral difficulties (EBD) for already five yers. Currently PBF is running a project aimed at providing comprehensive support for    children with EBD (children with challenging behavior) through direct work (counseling) and indirect measures (parental support, training of child specialists, etc.).

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