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Initiative for Peacebuilding

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The Initiative for Peacebuilding (IfP) is a consortium led by International Alert and funded by the European Commission. IfP draws together the complementary geographic and thematic expertise of 10 civil society organisations (and their networks) with offices across the EU and in conflict-affected countries. Its aim is to develop and harness international knowledge and expertise in the field of conflict prevention and peacebuilding to ensure that all stakeholders, including EU institutions, can access strong independent analysis in order to facilitate better informed and more evidence-based policy decisions.

IfP’s activities include:

  • Collaborative, evidence-based research linking policy and practice.
  • Policy dialogue at all levels (local, national, regional and international) and between representatives of all relevant stakeholders;
  • Capacity-building and shared learning for and amongst local and international civil society organisations, think-tanks and academic institutions, relevant governments and bi-lateral/multi-lateral institutions.
  • Training and awareness raising to promote and enhance skills and knowledge amongst all target beneficiaries.


In 2008, a report came out detailing Bulgarian development assistance policies and practices, from past experience to current official state practice, key institutional actors and the civil society’s role and involvement. Partners Bulgaria Foundation assisted with the ground work – research, interviews, contacts – as well as giving its own voice as a civil society organization. The report was written and edited by Vessela Gertcheva with the kind support and feedback of Cynthia Gaigals, Daniela Kolarova, Kristin van der Leest and Liuba Batembergska, and all members of the Millennium (Development) Goals Platform.

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