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Establishing a system of prevention and alternative dispute resolution in places of detention

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Places of detention have always been a central concern for our society, but unfortunately only when an incident occurs or a public figure gets imprisoned. Otherwise, prisons remain overshadowed by the multitude of other social problems that plague our country. Too rarely we ask ourselves what happens inside those places, how the incarcerated bear their punishment, how effective is it, how do the coexist with their inmates and how do they interact with the administration. The answers to these questions will in fact give us a more complete picture of the conditions of our penitentiary system.

The project’s goal is to raise the knowledge and skill level of the prison staff for coping with conflict situations, so that together in working with our team, they can adapt the methods of alternative dispute resolution to the peculiarities of the prison system. The project targeted all places of detention in Bulgaria. The participants went through training based on three core modules. The seminars were conducted by a team of two – one PBF representative and one from the Central Office for Prison Governance.

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