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Developing Family Mediation Services

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The project is a continuation of the mediation program which PBF has been realising since its establishment in 1998. It has received the financial support of Open Society Foundation through its COLPI program.

A Family Mediation Centre was established as part of the program’s implementation plan.

The program’s set goals are:

  • raising society’s awareness about mediation as an alternative to solving family disputes;
  • resolving specific family disputes and reducing their negative impact on the children;
  • developing cooperation with the Sofia District Court and other organisations which will point cases towards mediation;
  • cooperation with state agencies for easing in mediation’s application;
  • share experience with partner organisations from Eastern Europe, for instance, Partners Czech who have many years of experience in family mediation, as well as consult with PDC US and other organisations;

Interested parties in the program are:

  • families torn by unresolved disputes;
  • social services and local child protection agencies;
  • NGOs: Save the Children UK, Child Rights Protection Association, centres for disadvantaged people;
  • the legal community: family case judges, Rule of Law Institute, lawyers;
  • state and local authorities: Ministry of Justice, State agency for Child Protection, Sofia municipality, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy;
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