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Build Conflict & Change Management Capacities of CSOs In Kyrgyzstan

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Implemented by Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia and supported by the United States Agency for International Development

Partners Bulgaria Foundation participated as an external consultant in a two-year project supported by USAID, aiming to reduce vulnerability to local civil conflict on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. The project had at its core a people-to-people, cross-border approach towards developing understanding, trust and reconciliation through the building of healthy relationships between local conflicting parties.

As a consultant, PBF has been tasked to perform baseline assessment, mid-term evaluation and training of local trainers. The purpose of the baseline assessment was to provide key data for assessing the impact of the project on the overall goal of conflict prevention and mitigation on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border and to serve as a base for evaluation of the progress against the developed indicators. In the subsequent mid-term evaluation, PBF assessed the progress towards achieving the project’s expected results, evaluated changes in tension and risk of conflict since the beginning of the project and identified specific training needs of the target groups. PBF Training Specialist also delivered a 4-day training of trainers workshop attended by 20 Kyrgyz and Tajik trainers in Batken city. The workshop was designed to build the capacity of these local trainers in a) analysis and understanding of the causes of conflicts, b) monitoring and evaluation of pre-conflict situations, c) methods of intervention and non-violence communication for conflict resolution, d) mediation, negotiation and consensus-building and e) management of interethnic relationships.

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